Latest News: September 2014

Hidden Affairs due for release in 2014 ...

Synopsis: A young woman's life changes when she discovers evidence of an eighty-year old, unsolved murder mystery that took place in the very house in which she now lives. The mystery deepens as she realizes that the silent movie star that once lived here had a hidden dark side. Playing amateur detective can be fun - until she finds that prying into other people’s secrets uncover hidden motives of the people around her - like her parents and their sordid double-life. Tantalizing clues to the star's hidden millions of dollars brings unwanted attention from a mystery man. Threats of violence turns this game into a deadly struggle for survival. Our young, beautiful heroine must beat the clock to find the treasure before putting herself and her family in grave danger. Blackmail, murder, a riveting plotline, Hidden chambers and Hidden secrets, these events are about to change her life forever.


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