Sunday morning delicious breakfast at the ranch – Fresh Eggs, Sprouted Brown Rice & Avocado with Amino Acid -Yum With LUV from my kitchen to yours ❤️

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Kelly Le Brock has become an advocate for healthier eating and living after her experience of living on her 700 acre ranch for more than a decade. Her lifestyle drastically changed as she went from being a movie star for her roles in Weird Science(1985) and Woman in Red(1984) and one of the most sought after models of the 1980’s, to a rancher raising her family. She is far away from the limelight where she raises everything from pigs to chickens. Kelly plucks her own chicken and milks her goats, all for the sake of organic living.

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Isn’t she a beauty. ❤️ My happy place. Sunset at the ranch.